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Be Green, buy Antiques!

So how green is antique furniture? The International Antiques and Collectors' Fairs in the UK commissioned a scientific study to find out. It was discovered that a new chest of drawers made in China and also other new furniture made elsewhere had carbon footprints 16 times higher than antique furniture! The results showed that an antique chest of drawers has an annual carbon footprint of 0.72kg CO2e compared to 11.36kg CO2e for the new chest of drawers. Antiques should also be "recycled"! A recent stat from the UK showed that 10 million pieces of furniture are thrown away each year! We doubt that much of it was antique furniture since antiques can certainly be the test of time. So what should we do? Be Green, buy Antiques!

George III Chest of Drawers
George III Chest on Chest of Drawers in excellent condition, original swan-neck pulls, bracket feet.

A Word About Integrity

A Word About Integrity, What is Integrity?

It's saying what you will do and doing what you say.

It's standing behind your product and DOING WHAT IS RIGHT.

It's hard to do what's right, doing the wrong thing is the easy way.

It's hard to admit when you're wrong, but that's what Integrity is: doing it the hard way, the right way.

It's not blaming the other guy, it's taking responsibility for your products.

At Rush Antiques/ Rush Appraisals we take Integrity seriously and strive to meet these standards and take great care that our products meet these standards, our customers deserve no less.

~Jere and Leona~


American Art Pottery

The history of the American Art Potteries starts around 1900 with the American Arts and Crafts movement that ultimately shared the same ideas as the local functional potter. From this tradition came the great pottery "factories" of Rookwood, Weller, Roseville, Marblehead, Cowen, Newcomb, Pewabic and many others. These potteries, influenced by a variety of important ceramists or ceramic technicians such as Frederick Rhead, Maria Longworth Nichols, Guy Cowen and many others, created and copied from each other a unique body of designerly work still accessible in museums and antique shops around America.

Rookwood Vase (7.5" high), signed by Lenore Asbury, circa 1913

Rookwood Vase (7.5" high), signed by Lenore Asbury, circa 1913

Top Ten American Art Pottery Makers

  1. Grueby
  2. Newcomb College
  3. Rookwood
  4. Teco
  5. George Ohr
  6. Marblehead
  7. Van Briggle
  8. Weller
  9. Roseville
  10. Saturday Evening Girls

Let us do the Traveling

Can't find the time to visit England, France or China? We celebrate those countries every day. We carry all the items one would need for an English Tea for example. Step back in history, you may even find George III looking over his chests!

George III Chest (England), circa late 1700's

George III Chest (England), circa late 1700's

French Limoges Trinket Box

French Limoges Trinket Box

Chinese Export Rose Medallion Teapot circa 1850's

Chinese Export Rose Medallion Teapot circa 1850's


What is Murano Glass?

The first document to prove the existence of glass furnaces in Venice, Italy dates back to 982, more than a thousand years ago. Subsequently every Venetian furnace was moved to the Island of Murano due to the high risk of fires that could have spread during the processing of glass. In 1291 in fact, Murano became the center for glassmaking when the Venetian Republic, fearing that fire could eventually destruct the wooden building of the city decided to move glassmakers foundries to the nearby island. The glassmakers became soon prominent citizens of Murano and by the 14th Century they were allowed to wear swords and enjoyed immunity from prosecution by the Venetian government. However, they were not allowed to leave the Venetian Republic, so as not to spread their art in other places. They successfully managed to hold a monopoly on quality glassmaking for centuries, innovating constantly through development and refinement of technologies and inventions such as crystalline glass, enameled glass (smalto), glass with threads of gold (aventurine), multicolored glass (millefiori) and milk glass (lattimo).

Two of the most collectable of Murano are Glasses and Chandeliers starting around the 17th Century. The Chandelier became a symbol of luxury and status.

Rush Antiques and Rush Appraisals Announces New E-commerce Website

Rush Antiques and Rush Appraisals in Rochester, MI today launched a new e-commerce website ( for world-wide sales of their rare 18th, 19th and 20th century antiques of French, English, Chinese, and American origin.  Owners Jere and Leona Rush have spent decades carefully selecting their inventory, which is designed to appeal to a wide range of collectors, interior designers and trade buyers worldwide.

“Our products have been personally evaluated in our travels to ensure each piece’s quality matches the high integrity by which we operate our business,” explains Jere Rush.  “We encourage you to visit our site frequently as our online inventory builds and changes.”

Brands included in their inventory are: Chinese Export Rose Medallion, Detroit Pewabic Pottery, Roseville, and Staffordshire, Rookwood, Tiffany and much more. 

Jere Rush also provides USPAP 2014–2015 compliant personal property appraisals for fine and decorative arts including antiques, vintage items, collectibles, and residential content, as well as business/commercial appraisals.  An appraisal report for insurance purposes, estate planning, resale or business/commercial is provided.


A light unto the world

At Rush Antiques and Rush Appraisals, we strive to carry on the love of Christ that we receive and give it back to other people. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)