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American Art Pottery

The history of the American Art Potteries starts around 1900 with the American Arts and Crafts movement that ultimately shared the same ideas as the local functional potter. From this tradition came the great pottery "factories" of Rookwood, Weller, Roseville, Marblehead, Cowen, Newcomb, Pewabic and many others. These potteries, influenced by a variety of important ceramists or ceramic technicians such as Frederick Rhead, Maria Longworth Nichols, Guy Cowen and many others, created and copied from each other a unique body of designerly work still accessible in museums and antique shops around America.

Rookwood Vase (7.5" high), signed by Lenore Asbury, circa 1913

Rookwood Vase (7.5" high), signed by Lenore Asbury, circa 1913

Top Ten American Art Pottery Makers

  1. Grueby
  2. Newcomb College
  3. Rookwood
  4. Teco
  5. George Ohr
  6. Marblehead
  7. Van Briggle
  8. Weller
  9. Roseville
  10. Saturday Evening Girls

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